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We are a proud FIRST team located in rural Washington that strives for success, not only in robotics but in bettering our youth, our community and ourselves.


November 8, 2019

Yay!!! This year our very own Robotics Team went to the annual Robot Rewind in Spokane and for the second time in our career, took home first place. Robot Rewind is a smaller version of the previous years game that is used to train new students and as practice for returning ones. 

We had many new students sign up to practice driving the robot this year, so congrats to them! Lexi Larsen, a freshman team member, says ,“The Robot Rewind answered many of my questions on how the Robotics Competitions worked.” Our robot was placed in an alliance with three other high ranking teams, helping us out in our goal of winning. An alliance is made of four teams, one acting as a backup. 

Cheering is also a big part of the competition, so a big thanks goes to those who did! Many dance parties ensued during breaks between rounds.For anyone who showed up as support, thank you! All students, new and old who went, had a fun time cheering and watching.

November 7, 2019

Boo! The annual Halloween trick or treat at the high school was frightfully successful, including the robotics gumball machine and photo booth. This Halloween terrified many highschoolers as their worst nightmare came true. Kids elementary school age and younger took over the high school grounds and flooded the commons and hallways. The kids invaded the high school with their costumes to trick or treat down the hallways. Not only could kids get candy but also get glow sticks, use the robotics gumball machine,and get their photos taken. The robotics photo booth was a huge success. Kids flocked to get their costumes on camera. The students were amazed by either how terrifying or beautiful they were. The night was filled with sneaky ninjas, gorgeous princesses, terrifying monsters, and even some dragons! Families with clever group costumes and siblings double costumes were always fun to shoot. We saw Elsa and Olaf, Maleficent and Mal, and even Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy....

October 18, 2019

The spooky season is upon us, and the Kettle Falls FCCLA is once again holding the Kettle Falls High School Community Trick-or-Treat. On Halloween night, from 5pm to 7pm, Kettle Falls High School will open its doors to the spookiest family-friendly event of the night.

Volunteer students will be running the community trick-or-treat for elementary and younger kids in the community. There’ll be candy, costumes, and a robotics-run photo booth, all available with free admission into the event. Candy donations are greatly appreciated.

Why hello, it’s a pleasure to see you! Summer is over and school has begun, meaning robotics is once again in full swing. We lost many seniors last year, but many new students have joined into the fray. From now until build season our returning students will be introducing them to all aspects of our team and teaching them the basic skills necessary for success. 

Our marketing team in particular was lucky enough to have not one, not two, but five new students interested in joining. So to show them the different areas of marketing, we’re running them through a few mini lessons. First off is blog post writing, where I, the one and only Loresa, will be teaching them tone of voice, grammar, and formatting. 

They were asked to write a brief introduction about themselves and how they’re feeling about these first few weeks of robotics. Are they nervous, indifferent, excited for writing but hesitant about public speaking? Only they can tell. Let’s start out with Diana shall we?

My first coupl...

April 3, 2019

Competition season has been in full swing, and with District Championships right around the corner I feel it’s a great opportunity to recap on the season thus far.

Week 3 saw us at the Yakima Sundome, competing against roughly 30 other teams. Our robot (Serenity) performed greatly for her first competition, securing us a place at rank 10 and a spot as Alliance Captain. We worked hard alongside our alliance members team 2605 (Seamonsters) and team 4125 (Confidential) in the Quarterfinals.

Our Chairman’s team’s hard work and dedication paid off when we secured the Districts Chairman’s award. They spent countless hours writing speeches and essays, practicing presentations, and smoothing things out. We are extremely proud of the Chairman’s team and everyone else on our team for winning their very first Blue Banner!

The very next week we were off to West Valley to compete in week 4 against another 30 teams. After just a little more practice and confidence we jumped up in ranks, hitting 3rd by...

February 20, 2019

Pencils down! Build season has come to a close and we’ve bagged our robot away until it’s reveal at our Exhibition Night. Blood, sweat, and many, MANY tears have been shed over these past six weeks, but it’s finally over.

Long gone are the many restless nights worrying about errors in code, sobbing over misplaced nuts and bolts, the feeling of hopelessness as the baby bot turned against its parents. Tea bags have been locked away, the doughnut population has been wiped out, and the chocolate chip cookies have fled in fear of their safety.

Needless to say we’re tired.

Intake team is still mourning the loss of their leader Preston. He died doing what he loved, suffering and crying over CAD. Somehow the team was able to push their mourning aside for long enough to add the intake to both the robots.

Vision has sent their child Flavio and the murder machine Jetson to the robot, and they are praying to whatever God they can that they stay on the robot. (Flavio has evolved into the perfect form o...

February 13, 2019

Come one, come all! On February 28th 6pm, at the Kettle Falls High School the we will be hosting the 2019 Exhibition Night. We will be unveiling our competition robot at this free family-friendly event.

Since the build season kickoff on January 5th we've been working hard to design and assemble a fully functional robot for the 2019 FIRST competition Destination: Deep Space. Each and every one of us had a role to play in ensuring the robot was completed in the six week build season time.

Help decide on a name for the robot, chat with us, and learn about what goes on during build season! This event is open to community members, all age are welcome!

February 11, 2019

It's the final stretch, just over one week until build season comes to an end and the team is in a frantic rush. Prepare yourselves for a pile of anxiety-filled teens in this week's episode of Build Season: What's our plan?

We begin our journey at the marketing cave. They are very elusive creatures, hardly exposing themselves to the harsh environments of the outside world. Yet earlier this week they were allowed a rare voyage outside their cave from Mom Paiton to submit multiple essays for the team. They swiftly retreated back, however. We now await their next emergence. 

While we wait, lets visit the CAD closet. Looks like they've been hard at work assembling the intake pieces sent to them by Colmac Coil, while their CAD Captain Preston died at his computer working on CAD files for their final cut. 

Let's let them mourn; maybe a trip to Drive Base HQ will cheer us up. They've also had their parts sent in from Colmac Coil, and have been prepping the drive base for assembly this...

February 5, 2019

It’s been a long week, but against all odds we’ve made it. I’m under the weather so this post won’t hold as much character as the last two, but bear with me.

Vision took a slight break from the pain and agony that is the camera and helped greatly with the essays marketing is preparing to submit in the next few days. These essays are crucial to winning Chairman’s. After their small break they worked hard on validation for the vision targets. Flavio is doing well.

Drive base focused on finishing final revisions to their CAD model, and now are waiting for their robot pieces to be cut and sent back to them.

Marketing finally finished and ordered many of the designs they’ve been working on, a huge relief for the team. Essays are nearly done, with the finishing touches expected to be finished in the next few days. Pit walls are still in progress, but more coats have been completed thanks to Raelynn and Brooklyn.

Programming is nearly finished with their final code, and they are patiently waiting...

January 29, 2019

Crawling back from our emotional overdose that was last week, we’re back in action! Armed with an overflowing surge of energy, and a sense of dread over the looming deadlines, we’re in non-stop motion.

Kicking things off with the marketing team, they’ve been pumping out project after project. Ellie is using her creative abilities to design jaw-dropping swag for the team, and Loresa (that’s me!) has been hard at work creating a new surprise for the Faces of Engineering campaign. All will be revealed at our first competition! Marketing lead Paiton’s undivided attention has gone towards the Chairman’s presentation, and Kasey is currently sobbing over her business plan. 

Next up we have the beautiful programming team, with the lovely Deja letting us know what they’ve been up to! As she put it, they have gotten the ‘rotate to angle’ of their code to function, meaning when they push on the d-pad the robot responds by turning, sending a feedback to the driver in the form of a controller rumble....

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