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Canine Dine Auction Night

Hey there!!! On Friday, November 8th, the 4980 Kettle Falls Robotics team had our annual Canine Dine auction and dinner, ending up with quite the turn-out! Our team ended up selling ALL of our 50/50 raffle tickets and the community had quite a lot of fun with that event. After dinner, there was dessert with amazing treats that parents had donated. It was the auction that everybody enjoys: the Dessert Auction.

During the dinner and socializing, the silent auction was held, varying from gift cards to custom-made crafts.

Following the dinner, the live auction was held and the auction donations were a hit!!!

The kids and the community members enjoyed themselves and had a lot of fun. Throughout the night, the robotics team interacted with the community members, answering questions about the robot, the team and FIRST.

Everybody had a blast and our team is very grateful for the generous donations and everybody who helps with our fundraiser; they do so much for us and we are so thankful for them. Shoutout to Jeff and Michele Pitts, our auctioneer and our auction clerk. The amazing meal was prepared by Christine Moss.

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