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Saturday Build, January 11th, 2020

Welcome to Build Season! Today was the first working Saturday since Kick Off last week. We got some work done, y’all!

In the commons, our Electrical Team and CAD Lead were discussing how they would fit the electrical components onto the base. Also in the commons, the Collector Team was coming up with design ideas for the, well, collector. They had already decided on how they were to intake them earlier in the day.

In the wood shop today, students, some mentors, and a parent were setting up game pieces to simulate the game field. The Programming Team and Marketing Team were all in Mrs. Edwards’ room. Programming is working on our test robot that is using a holonomic drive called Swerve. Marketing worked brainstorming and approving concepts for projects such as our signature boweties and buttons, as well as our Chairman's Submission.

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