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5th build weekend

Howdy y'all! Time has really flied and the normal stress is setting into all the team members. Let's check in with everybody.

In programming swerve code has become operational and subsystem code has been updated.

Low shooter got out next prototype designed and cut out and they are now putting it together .

Electrical is getting components secured and ready for production.

Climber team cut out prototype pieces for the elevator and identified changes that would need to be made. They also further developed our hook and winch systems.

Evelyn Hooper from fabrication has worked on cutting a lip into the swerve drive plates on the mill.

Collector team is finishing up final design for the collector side plates as well as changing the main pivot points for the collector. They also made the hole design simpler by cutting out one of the shafts.

The high shooter team is still in their prototype phase.

Marketing worked on the pit walls and achieved something we've never done before: We submitted our Chairman's essay two days early!!

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