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Kickoff 2020

Kickoff! The theme of our game was introduced as Infinite Recharge.

We gathered at the high school very early in the morning and it wasn’t much of a surprise to see the majority of the Canine Crusaders and the Northport’s Mustang Mechanica yawning. Both our team and theirs bonded over a potluck breakfast. Shortly after breakfast, we watched the annual kickoff day live stream.

Our lead mentors then split us up into teams to analyze and understand the game. Each group looked at how to score points, the strategies to go about it, and what strategy would be the best to play.

This year our build season is January 4th through our first competition; no more bag and tag date.

Our first competition is March 6th and 7th at West Valley High School, Spokane, WA. The second competition is March 20th and 21st at the Sundome Stadium, Yakima, WA.

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