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Robo Rewind Recap

Yay!!! This year our very own Robotics Team went to the annual Robot Rewind in Spokane and for the second time in our career, took home first place. Robot Rewind is a smaller version of the previous years game that is used to train new students and as practice for returning ones.

We had many new students sign up to practice driving the robot this year, so congrats to them! Lexi Larsen, a freshman team member, says ,“The Robot Rewind answered many of my questions on how the Robotics Competitions worked.” Our robot was placed in an alliance with three other high ranking teams, helping us out in our goal of winning. An alliance is made of four teams, one acting as a backup.

Cheering is also a big part of the competition, so a big thanks goes to those who did! Many dance parties ensued during breaks between rounds.For anyone who showed up as support, thank you! All students, new and old who went, had a fun time cheering and watching.

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