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Trick or Treat or Gumballs

Boo! The annual Halloween trick or treat at the high school was frightfully successful, including the robotics gumball machine and photo booth. This Halloween terrified many highschoolers as their worst nightmare came true. Kids elementary school age and younger took over the high school grounds and flooded the commons and hallways. The kids invaded the high school with their costumes to trick or treat down the hallways. Not only could kids get candy but also get glow sticks, use the robotics gumball machine,and get their photos taken. The robotics photo booth was a huge success. Kids flocked to get their costumes on camera. The students were amazed by either how terrifying or beautiful they were. The night was filled with sneaky ninjas, gorgeous princesses, terrifying monsters, and even some dragons! Families with clever group costumes and siblings double costumes were always fun to shoot. We saw Elsa and Olaf, Maleficent and Mal, and even Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Halloween photo booth pictures available at

The Robotics gumball machine was also a huge hit with kids. Teams of two worked tirelessly on designing, lasering,and building boxes to form one huge machine. Then the team built a system to get the gumball to the top of the box again. They used a stair system which lead to the “elevator,” a chute that shot the gumball to the top with a loud “POP!” Kids watched in fascination as their sweet treat fell through the ramps, pinwheels, and holes. They also jumped in fright and laughed in delight as the gumball was shot up the pipe. “Only the brave kids stuck it out for their candy,” said Ben,a team member who ran the elevator for the machine. Luckily there were no cowards that night and

every kid got their candy. Overall a frighteningly sweet night at Kettle Falls High School.

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