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Districts are HERE!

Competition season has been in full swing, and with District Championships right around the corner I feel it’s a great opportunity to recap on the season thus far.

Week 3 saw us at the Yakima Sundome, competing against roughly 30 other teams. Our robot (Serenity) performed greatly for her first competition, securing us a place at rank 10 and a spot as Alliance Captain. We worked hard alongside our alliance members team 2605 (Seamonsters) and team 4125 (Confidential) in the Quarterfinals.

Our Chairman’s team’s hard work and dedication paid off when we secured the Districts Chairman’s award. They spent countless hours writing speeches and essays, practicing presentations, and smoothing things out. We are extremely proud of the Chairman’s team and everyone else on our team for winning their very first Blue Banner!

The very next week we were off to West Valley to compete in week 4 against another 30 teams. After just a little more practice and confidence we jumped up in ranks, hitting 3rd by the end of qualification matches. We were Alliance Captain once again, with our alliance consisting of teams 3218 (Panther Robotics) and 3693 (Gearhead Pirates).

After a series of close and tense matches, our alliance made it to the finals, earning us the District Event Finalist award. The Entrepreneurship Award was won the same day, thanks to the 30 page Business Plan and the 3 page Summary Business Plan.

Our team is fueled up and ready to blast off for the week 6 District Championships in Tacoma. Competition matches start Thursday (The 4th) at 2 p.m. and can been seen live at

(I apologize for falling behind in blog posts, I get easily distracted)

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