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End of Build Season

Pencils down! Build season has come to a close and we’ve bagged our robot away until it’s reveal at our Exhibition Night. Blood, sweat, and many, MANY tears have been shed over these past six weeks, but it’s finally over.

Long gone are the many restless nights worrying about errors in code, sobbing over misplaced nuts and bolts, the feeling of hopelessness as the baby bot turned against its parents. Tea bags have been locked away, the doughnut population has been wiped out, and the chocolate chip cookies have fled in fear of their safety.

Needless to say we’re tired.

Intake team is still mourning the loss of their leader Preston. He died doing what he loved, suffering and crying over CAD. Somehow the team was able to push their mourning aside for long enough to add the intake to both the robots.

Vision has sent their child Flavio and the murder machine Jetson to the robot, and they are praying to whatever God they can that they stay on the robot. (Flavio has evolved into the perfect form of being, he has shed his mortal body and assumed the shape of Flavio 9.0)

Marketing has resided on the side lines, enjoying the entertainment provided to them by the other teams. Sipping grape juice in one hand and finishing presentations with the other, they truly are living in a different league. All hail Marketing Mom Paiton.

Electrical has managed to wire the robot and fry their brains. Hands chapped from long nights of wiring but the systems are finished, sensors are on, and elevator is wired.

Programming is one step closer to their robot revolution, seeing as their robot is fully mobile. According to Deja, the drive team will be Gods on the field. You better watch out.

Drive Base was in a rush as they put together not one, but TWO drive bases. The whole Fabrication department has had it rough this last week.

Climb team can safely say that their climber is on the robot for good. Their mental state could be better however. But hey, that’s the way of build season.

It’s been fun, we’ve had lots of laughs and bad photoshop over these past weeks. Questionable photo tiles and unreliable quotes plaguing bad writing. I will miss these quickly put together posts, but alas we must part ways.

Goodbye build season, we loved to hate you.

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