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Build Season Week 5

It's the final stretch, just over one week until build season comes to an end and the team is in a frantic rush. Prepare yourselves for a pile of anxiety-filled teens in this week's episode of Build Season: What's our plan?

We begin our journey at the marketing cave. They are very elusive creatures, hardly exposing themselves to the harsh environments of the outside world. Yet earlier this week they were allowed a rare voyage outside their cave from Mom Paiton to submit multiple essays for the team. They swiftly retreated back, however. We now await their next emergence.

While we wait, lets visit the CAD closet. Looks like they've been hard at work assembling the intake pieces sent to them by Colmac Coil, while their CAD Captain Preston died at his computer working on CAD files for their final cut.

Let's let them mourn; maybe a trip to Drive Base HQ will cheer us up. They've also had their parts sent in from Colmac Coil, and have been prepping the drive base for assembly this weekend! Bumpers are in development as well, so the robot can stay nice and cushioned.

Next on our little escapade is the programming pit of despair. Despite the name it's a rather pleasant place. According to them the robot is now fully mobile! YAY!

What's the climb team up to I wonder? Why don't we check up on them, they don't bite. Seems like the climber and climbing elevator has been assembled under the watchful eye of Climb King Cole (the birthday boy).

Now we can check up on the electrical team. They've slaved away for hours on end, working to appease their Electrical Overlord Jessica. They've assembled the ultimate killing machine, appropriately named Baby Bot.

Let's get moving, we don't want to be around when Baby Bot eventually turns against its creators. The Programming corner looks safe, I'm sure they won't mind. Looks like they've figured out how to debug the Jettson, and they determined the angle from the camera to a target! Oh, and what's this? They've got something to show us!

Oh heck. We're doomed.

The most we can do at this point is to bow down to our robot overlords.

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