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Build Season Week 4

It’s been a long week, but against all odds we’ve made it. I’m under the weather so this post won’t hold as much character as the last two, but bear with me.

Vision took a slight break from the pain and agony that is the camera and helped greatly with the essays marketing is preparing to submit in the next few days. These essays are crucial to winning Chairman’s. After their small break they worked hard on validation for the vision targets. Flavio is doing well.

Drive base focused on finishing final revisions to their CAD model, and now are waiting for their robot pieces to be cut and sent back to them.

Marketing finally finished and ordered many of the designs they’ve been working on, a huge relief for the team. Essays are nearly done, with the finishing touches expected to be finished in the next few days. Pit walls are still in progress, but more coats have been completed thanks to Raelynn and Brooklyn.

Programming is nearly finished with their final code, and they are patiently waiting for people’s prototypes to test their code on.

Electrical got around to putting pneumatics on the test robot, and busied themselves with small odd-jobs for other teams (such as painting pit walls).

Intake created another prototype mechanism and mounted it onto the test elevator. Now testing is taking place and small tweaks will be made to the prototype.

Tristan, Braylen and Jordan getting a better view of their intake prototype

Climb team finished a climbing prototype and tested the release mechanism endlessly. They tested the durability of the release by weighing it down. Things are looking good for the future climb system!

Cole, Ben, Braven and Mentor Sam testing the weight capacity of their prototype

Last but certainly not least, Omak came to visit! On Thursday our teams talked about ideas for robots, bounced ideas back and forth, and assisted in assembly and programming of a drive base. It was a great opportunity to get closer to another rural team, and we can’t wait to see them at competition!

Jess, Hunter and Mentor Caleb discussing with to Omak Mentor Ricky and one of her students.

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