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Build Season Week 3

Crawling back from our emotional overdose that was last week, we’re back in action! Armed with an overflowing surge of energy, and a sense of dread over the looming deadlines, we’re in non-stop motion.

Kicking things off with the marketing team, they’ve been pumping out project after project. Ellie is using her creative abilities to design jaw-dropping swag for the team, and Loresa (that’s me!) has been hard at work creating a new surprise for the Faces of Engineering campaign. All will be revealed at our first competition! Marketing lead Paiton’s undivided attention has gone towards the Chairman’s presentation, and Kasey is currently sobbing over her business plan.

Next up we have the beautiful programming team, with the lovely Deja letting us know what they’ve been up to! As she put it, they have gotten the ‘rotate to angle’ of their code to function, meaning when they push on the d-pad the robot responds by turning, sending a feedback to the driver in the form of a controller rumble. They’ve also worked to accurately follow a line and stop on a line with the robot!

Deja and the test robot, testing out some code

Wow! Look at all the cool things they’ve been doing. Isn’t that neat? Let’s check up on the drive base, see what’s hanging! Hunter has given us some insight into the happenings with the drive base, saying that the group finalized a design for a tank drive base and even built a full sized prototype!

Hunter and Patrick patiently awaiting his soon-to-be drive base from the CNC router

Thanks drive base, we appreciate your hard work! How about you vision team? As Ande, the lead of the fantastic vision team has said, they have given life to the vision child. Flavio, a small wooden laser cut box, is the new holder of the vision camera; he is expected to sit proudly on the robot come competition time.

Fascinating, and you, intake team? Preston is very helpful in letting us know how the intake is going. According to him a final decision has been reached on exactly what intake mechanism will be used. They are now working hard on prototypes, and once a name has been decided upon for the child of the intake, this post shall be updated.

They sure have “intaken” our breath away. You have anything to add climb team? Cole has pulled through and given an update on his team. Thanks Cole! The team has found even MORE designs and ideas that don’t work, but they’re getting even closer to finding the perfect solution!

Climbing through the challenges, that’s our climb team! Electrical team, any last things to add? Jess has let us know that they have begun to put together the very first version of the control system! They’re moving fast!

Brooklyn enjoying some aromatic flux fumes (don't worry, just kidding)

And last but not least, an inspirational quote from Paiton

Thank you for tuning in on this week’s episode of Canine Crusaders: please send help.

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