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Kick-off & Build Season Week 1

Blast off! Build season has officially begun as of last Saturday with an out-of-this-world kickoff. Our team, along with the Northport Mustangs, team 6076, and Omak Pioneer Robotics, team 7803, all watched the live video feed of the 2019 FIRST Robotics Competition reveal. This year’s theme? Destination: Deep Space, a race to repair and refuel rockets and cargo bays; while reaching the safety of the habitat before the next sandstorm hits.

Watch the video HERE!

The three teams all broke into small groups after the game video concluded and worked to pick through the game manual. Basic strategy, maximum possible points, and pros and cons to different systems were discussed extensively.

Build season spans from Saturday January 5th to Tuesday February 19th, with our first competition being March 15th through the 16th.

Expect regular updates on the team’s progress during build season, and wish us luck for this year's FIRST robotics competition.

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