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Bathroom Makeovers

As a way to show school pride, the team has been hard at work repainting all the bathroom stalls. The girl's stalls, which once werean ugly shade of yellow, are now in the process of being converted to a beautiful blue. The boy's stalls had it easy, already painted the correct shade of blue, just needing a little touching up.

But solid color is boring. Inpirational quotes have been painted onto the front of the stalls in white. Frank Sinatra, Stan Lee, Gordon Ramsey -- even Bob Ross. Everyone needs a little motivation in their life, so we're killing two birds with one stone.

We started painting the stalls Tuesday night, with 8 of the students sticking behind after school to get a base coat down before Wednesday morning. On Wednesday it was all hands on deck, with every robotics kid hard at work with a brush in their hands.

However, it's taking longer than anticipated. With 12 total stalls and limited rollers, a project expected to take two days is clearly going to take much longer. A handful of students have been staying after school to paint for roughly two hours.

We want to be proud of these stalls and the work we've done on them, so spending our extra time touching things up really pays off.

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