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Spooky Halloween Trick-or-Treat!

As the haunting breeze has finished its path through the air, and the ghosts and skeletons have returned to their earthy homes; the robotics team and FCCLA hang up their spooky guises.

The annual community trick-or-treat was a huge success this year, with over a thousand community members entering our den of scares. Costumes ranged from the adorable to the terrifying, with some of the best having been caught on camera.

The team's gumball machine was not only fully functional, but an eye catching LED-illuminated candy giver. The kids were enthralled by all the moving parts, and often ran around the pillar to watch the gumball make it's journey to the end.

The team also ran a free photo booth for the kids. All the photos have been uploaded to the team's Flickr account, which can be found here:

While there were many amazing costumes, the team members all had their personal favorites. From the cute, to the fearsome.

The community trick-or-treat is one of our favorite times of the year, and it gives us a chance to interact with the younger members of our community. It's thanks to FCCLA that the event even transpires, and we are forever grateful we are able to join in on the festivities. We look forward to the next spooky Halloween with Kettle Falls!

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