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Robot Rewind Rocked our Socks!

It's official, FIRST Power-Up has come to a close as the annual Robot Rewind throwback competition is over. Seventeen teams from across the area met in Spokane to compete in the final video game themed competition in a friendly, no stakes battle.

The Confidential drive team posing with their lovely robot, Flip

"Robot rewind is a great learning experience, and we get to see our friends from the other teams."


Confidential, our long time parter involving Faces of Engineering, was also present at Robot Rewind. Some great photos of this secretive team were taken.

The Canine Crusaders were able to bring not one, but two robots to compete! Our primary robot bore our team number, 4980; and our secondary robot held the placeholder team number, 9980. Robot 4980 did a fantastic job, responding well to the new drivers of the team. Robot 9980 on the other hand ran into a few internal issues, but we managed to place rather high thanks to the other teams on our alliance.

Canine Crusaders (from left to right) Ande, Jessica, Preston, and Jenae

Both of our robots and their drive teams were chosen for the final alliance, picked by the second rankied team, 9513 (the beta team to 4513) the Circuit Breakers of Medical Lake. We were also joined by the SciBorgs from Palouse. Our alliance placed second after a few tense and close matches.

We had a great time meeting other teams, making friends, testing our new drive team, and experiencing the competition atmosphere as a whole. We can safely say Robot Rewind has us all fired up and ready for the upcoming design, build, and competition season starting January of next year.

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