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Summer Fun for the Canine Crusaders

After the exciting opportunity to compete in Worlds, the team participated in many summer activities. Despite the school year coming to a close, the team continued to stay hard at work supporting the team.

As they've done in the past, the team set up a booth at the annual Kettle Falls Town and Country Days. They passed out postcards, sold custom laser printed coffee cups, and even let community members drive their robot around in a small enclosed zone. The team could also be seen driving their robot through the parade, passing out candy to the local kids.

In June a summer camp was held for future Canine Crusaders. The first day 4th-6th graders participated in a variety of activities including a penny boat float and spaghetti noodle towers held together by marshmallows. The second day was host to the 7th and 8th graders who had fun doing an egg drop and using Lego Mindstorms with help from the team members.

As part of a campaign that encourages girls that they can be engineers too, a girls tool talk camp was held for girls of the Canine Crusaders and Confidential teams. They learned about different tools and talked to various women who worked in male dominated fields. The two day camp concluded by the girls building gearboxes with parts they manufactured themselves.

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