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Strong Kick-off For the Year

After their fun and exciting summer, the Canine Crusaders have been in preparation for the numerous events on the horizon. Everyone is hard at work despite us being in our pre-season. With the many events ahead of the team, no members are lazing around.

The first of many upcoming events being the annual Robot Rewind, a regional throwback competition held October 27th, 2018. With teams from around the area coming to compete against one another before the real competition season begins.

Jenae Morris (center) observing how to put together the pieces she designed for an upcoming gumball project helped by mentors Dave (left) and Bert (right)

“Preseason is a very busy time for us all. With Robot Rewind being a very important aspect of our off-season, since it’s a great way for both the returners and new students to get a feel for the competitions. It also allows for all willing members to test out driving the robot on the drive team without the commitment and stress of a real competition.”

-Jessica Lawrence, CEO

The mock competition will start at 8:00AM at the West Valley High School in Spokane WA. This event is 100% free to the public.

Just as we've done in the past, the team will be creating an interactive project for the FCCLA Community Trick-Or-Treat. Past projects we've created include LED pumpkins in 2015, an interactive Arduino-LED display in 2016, and a 10 foot multistage gumball machine last year (2017).

This year an even bigger gumball machine will be displayed at the event on October 31st at the Kettle Falls High School. Doors will open at 5:00PM and admission is free!

The annual Canine Dine Auction Night will be held and hosted by the students of team 4980. A prime rib dinner for $20 (or chicken strips for 12 and under for $7) will be served to all who attend, accompanied by both a silent auction and a bidding auction. Items supplied by local companies, families, and even the team members themselves will be available at the auction. Come for the chance to talk to the members behind the team and how their role impacts the group as a whole, and the opportunity to see the robot that went with the team to the World Championships.

“It’s really important to us considering it’s one of our biggest fundraisers, we get most of our budget from the event. We enjoy doing it, since we get to give a meal to the community that has given so much to us.” -Ashlyn Martin, Battery Lead

The doors of the Colville Ag Trade Center will open at 5:30PM on November 9th, dinner will be served at 6:30PM. To Pre-order your tickets, contact Trisha Martin (509) 875 3232.

While the official design, build and competition season doesn't begin until January, we are very busy with preparing for all the fun and exciting upcoming events! Now is a great time to come support our team!

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