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A World Made Into One

     More than 400 FRC teams from places such as Canada, America, Chile, Israel, India, China and 21 more countries competed at the 2018 World Championship in Houston, Texas. As the teams are biased to their robot winning, all of these teams are connected. FIRST connects all teams through an outstanding culture. FIRST aims to change the culture into respecting STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and getting more youths involved in FIRST programs. 

"It's been great, getting to actually work with other teams from different countries. It's just fun to see where they're coming from and what they've come up with to meet the same challenges we have," said Travis Thompson.

     The Canine Crusaders were given a fantastic opportunity to meet other teams around the world and experience more of the FIRST culture.

     The Canine Crusaders placed 7th at the end of qualification matches and moved up to captain the 6th alliance in the elimination rounds.       We chose to ally with teams 3250 (Kennedy Robotics, Sacramento California), 1730 (Driven, Lee’s Summit, Missouri), and 2073 (Eagle Force, Elk Grove, California). We only made it through two intense quarter-final rounds. We only made it through two intense quarter-final rounds, but we gave it our all and were proud that we’d made it this far      Competition is a part of FIRST, but it’s not all about the robot. We also were able to experience much more than the competition challenges.       Team members got to meet and work with many teams from around the world. An Innovation Faire had interactive work shops with colleges and companies. One to two hour conferences covered topics about school and career tracks, technical information and skills, marketing, project management, and so much more.       Many team members were able to meet and even get photos with some of the founders of FIRST!      And today we are going to NASA!      We feel very fortunate that we were able to travel to Houston, TX. We thank our community for the amazing support!

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