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Competition Season Update - We're going to The World Championship!

After three long competitions, we are proud to say that we ended up ranking 25th in the Pacific Northwest District. Because of this, we're qualified for the World Championship in Houston, Texas!

At the SunDome competition in Yakima, we ended up ranked at 17th. We were the sixth pick by Team 4125 Confidential. To round out our alliance, we had Team 5450 Shrec. We made it to the semifinals and won the Quality Award!

At West Valley, we ended qualifications ranked in 17th. However, Team 2990, Hotwire, chose us as the second pick! Our alliance was rounded out with Team 4692, the Metal Mallards. For the first time in our team's history, we made it to the finals!

At the Pacific Northwest District Championship, we competed hard and ended up placed at 35th. We were disappointed when we weren't chosen for an alliance, but the amount of Ranking Points we had acquired throughout the competitions was enough to secure a spot in Houston! If you would like to assist us in being able to make it there, you can donate on our Sponsors page here!

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