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Building A Process

Revision one of the most important parts of Engineering. At Kettle Falls High School’s local Halloween Trick or treat, every year the 4980 Canine Crusaders have a chance to impress the community even more. This year with the majority of the team being freshmen and most of the experienced seniors graduated, CAD skills were cut short. One way mentors of the 4980 Canine Crusaders decided to build this, was gumball machine project. The 4980 Canine Crusaders wanted to give the kids of this community a chance to experience the team's skill and create elated memories.

Although the machine did dispense gumballs, just like most projects there's always more room for improvement. After taking a survey on the team’s experience on Halloween night, the team went over anonymous answers and decided how they wanted to improve this gumball machine. Through an hours worth of discussion, the new members and even the old learned new skills of advancement, ambition, and challenges.

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