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2017 Season Comes To A Close

After a long season, the entire team can breathe a sigh of relief. But, our work is far from over.

The season began early this year with the Steamworks game reveal. The build season brought six weeks to build our robot to the specifications laid out in the Game Manual.

At the end of the build season, we started into competitions beginning at the West Valley High School Event. There, we made it to the quarterfinal round of competition and later received the Engineering Inspiration Award, one of the highest awards a team can receive.

Two weeks later, we traveled to CWU, where they again reached the quarterfinal round. We were awarded the Quality Award based on our robot’s 3D printed parts and welded drive base.

We competed for the Engineering Inspiration Award once again at the Pacific Northwest District Championship Competition in Cheney. Although we did not receive the award, the team also got the chance to socialize and strengthen bonds with other teams, attend the infamous RoboProm, and support Confidential in their win of the PNW District Chairman's award, Congratulations!

Although the season is over, we're never really finished. Part of the class is working on engineering projects and other parts are working on developing technologies to benefit us in future seasons, and other parts are working on furthering our #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign.

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