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CWU Competition Update

During the Qualification matches, teams are randomly placed in alliances. Because of this, you might have an amazing alliance one round and the next get completely stomped on. We felt some of the struggles with this, as we lost match after match, even though our robot was pulling it's weight and had the chance to be one of the top scoring robots. In one of our matches, our alliance scored 165 points and we make 150 of them.

Even though we weren't placed the highest, we still got picked for an alliance! We were aligned with Team 3588, The Talon from Lindbergh High School in Renton, Washington and Team 4513, The Circuit Breakers, from Medical Lake, Washington. Again, we lost out in the quarter finals, but the matches were really close.

When it came to Awards, we were excited to receive the Quality Award! We received it for our 3D printed parts, welded drive base, and the use of dog food bowls to line up the rope to climb. We were also really excited to see our friends Team 4125, Confidential from Umatilla Oregon win the Chairman's award. Congratulations, you deserve it!

Two members of our team co hosted a photo booth with Confidential to spread the message of our #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign. People from adults to little kids posed with a little poster that showed our message. It was really fun to see the campaign in motion.

At this time, it's still up in the air as for whether we are going to Districts in Cheney. We can make it!

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