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2016 Build Season Week 2

Everyone is hard at work as we continue the process of prototyping the various designs of the robot. Our electrical team took the morning to connect the pneumatics module while diversifying their perspectives and listening to music.

They are now assisting the drive base team. Our drive base team is prototyping different designs and installing volcano tread wheels to test their capabilities.

We are also working on prototypes for a kicker, ball grabber, and a scaling mechanism. The kicker is currently a rectangular design, and is still under construction.

The ball grabber is under construction as well. It will have wheels that’ll pull the ball into the holding area. When it comes time to shoot the ball, the wheels will spin the other way.

The scaling mechanism’s design is a pneumatic cylinder. They are playing with the idea of a bungee cord or a smaller pneumatic cylinder to spin a wheel to raise the larger mechanism.

I am working on revamping the website, along with Ace and Matt’s help. (although I'm doing that again)

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